As of late, I’ve become increasingly aware of how specific words have been infecting our consciousness. How the oversimplification of language and, hence, concepts has been doing harm to our society and discourse. I call that: Word misappropriation.
Q&A with Dr. Nathalie Martinek on trends we’re seeing in society towards victimhood, attention-seeking, identity, moral superiority and power struggles…
Are your or someone else's beliefs real or false? How do you know? Here are some ways to test them.
Tips on how to turn down the temperature on heated conversations.
A cheat sheet.  Learn how to let everyone know you're good and noble while getting popular!
Podcast Guesting on "Walk-Ins Welcome with Bridget Phetasy"
Traditionally the term "woke" had referred to the idea that one is awakened to injustices. But, today, it means something else—with many viewing it neg…
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