Curiosity Is The Answer

Podcast Guesting on "Walk-Ins Welcome with Bridget Phetasy"

I was recently on a guest on another podcast, this time with stand-up comedian and writer Bridget Phetasy. I really love how she named our episode because it truly reflects how I feel:

E154. Katherine Brodsky Thinks Curiosity Is The Answer Walk-Ins Welcome with Bridget Phetasy

Curiosity is truly the answer to a lot of the issues that plague us. If we’re curious, then we remain open. We don’t judge others before getting to know them or having a chance to ask them what they think. We continue to learn and look for new solutions. We don’t look for things that affirm the existing answers in our head, we look for more insight, more wisdom, more context. (Anyways…I have written on this subject already in An Ode to Curiosity).

If you feel like it, have a listen to the podcast. Once again, a warning: it’s long. Clearly I talk too much, and trust me, no one finds me more obnoxious to listen to than me.

In the episode, we cover the toxicity of cancel culture, how other people's silence makes you feel even more isolated and alone, and the importance of honesty. We also discuss the importance of primary sources, how difficult it is for an institution to regain trust once it's been lost, the role of comedy, and Bridget also schools me on the etiquette of heckling at a comedy show (spoiler: it’s not a nice thing to do).

PS. If you haven’t watched my appearance on What Bitcoin Did yet, you can view it here (video version) or listen to the show here.


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