Dec 22, 2021 • 5M

The force-feeding of language


Katherine Brodsky
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MIND THE FUTURE is a podcast series that asks guests from the world of art, science, and technology to predict how what they do and love will look like as we fast forward into the future. The podcast is hosted by Katherine Brodsky. As a journalist, she has served as a correspondent for VARIETY since 2011, and have also covered primarily film/TV, tech, and travel for publications like THE WASHINGTON POST, THE GUARDIAN, ESQUIRE, MASHABLE, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, VULTURE, NEW YORK MAGAZINE, CNN, USA TODAY, THE INDEPENDENT — and even PLAYBOY MAGAZINE (which you definitely read for the stories)!
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Why is it that I care so much about using or not using certain words or terms? LISTEN to my Random Talk to find out.

This episode is for paid subscribers